The week full of surprises

The week full of surprises…
This week was a bit awkward.
Normally we are all used to Apple announcing their new products on a special event, like the March Event coming Monday. However, this week was a bit different from that kind of habit. As you might recognized it yet, Apple announced four new products in the last three days.

We´ve started into the week with the announcement of two new but actually old iPad Generations. First and foremost there is the iPad Air which is the successor of the 10.5 inch iPad pro. This model is now discontinued cause by the 11 and 12.9 inch iPad Pro.
The new iPad Air has the same bezel screen factor we were used to the 10.5 inch Pro model, however, it the refresh rate is not that high. Moreover, it is obviously Apple Pencil 1 and Smart Cover ready. Summing up it is an iPad with the internal specs of an iPhone Xs and the screen size of an iPad Pro previous generation. Besides the iPad Air, there is the iPad mini 5 Generation. Finally, Apple announced an iPad of the smallest iPad ever…after a long time…where some source might promised that Apple plans to discontinue the small iPad Version. The iPad mini is now as powerful as the iPad Air or iPhone Xs. Moreover, you can use the full iOS 12 integration on the small iPad as well and scribble with your Apple Pencil 1 on it – as Tim Cook proudly shows on his Twitter account.
On Tuesday the next internal upgrade was announced. The 21.5 & 27 inch iMac with 4k or 5k resolution got an update to the latest Intel chipsets and GPU´s from AMD. As well as lower prices for upgrading your macs with RAM in general. The iMac Pro is now upgradeable up to 256 GB of RAM too….yes 256 GB of RAM…this is just mindblowing….YOU need THAT MUCH RAM
Finally after a long period of rumors and expectations, the Apple AirPods 2. generation where announced yesterday. These small pieces of tech… I will never leave the house without are now able to charge wirelessly with QI Standard…as the iPhone Models since 2017. Moreover, the Bluetooth chip is now the H1 instead of the W1. This chip brings the “HEY SIRI” feature to the AirPods as well as 2h more hours of talk time.

New iPad Air

new iPad mini

new AirPods with Wireless Charging Case

On the one hand the updates are more internal than external on the other they are pretty significant in particular the new iPad Air and iPad mini.
I actually have nothing im really excited about to get…but for those looking for a new iPad there is now a bigger product line

Cheers and a good start into the upcoming weekend

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