Short Comment – #AppleinBigApple – Event

Last Tuesday was a big day not only @Apple it was a big day for all the techies out there. So am I. Therefore I want to give a short comment of what I think about the new released Products in detail the new MacBook Air, the MacMini and iPad Pro.

Starting with the most significant upgrade no one was really aware of. The MacMini. Since 2014 there was no specific upgrade for the mini desktop “Made by Apple in California”. But since Tuesday, there is something new in the MacMini Lineup. I really love the Mac mini as the cheapest / entry Mac. Moreover, it is small enough to place on nearly any desk or mounted behind your PC-Screen. The new Specs are powerful and a really big spec bump. You can now work on this machine in an appropriate way. The six core models with the bigger storages are not only for the entry users this machine is definitely for the pros you are not interested in the All in One solution of Apple.
I think it is a good decision Apple made to not discontinue this model and give it a new fresh design. Talking about the new design, I really love the new Space Grey model, however, I always prefer the silver exterior.
All in all, I agree with this new Model but it is not my cup of tea in the meaning, I really love to work on the go and therefore prefer the MacBooks

Talking about MacBooks there is a new Generation.
Besides the highly requested Mac Mini, there was a high request for a new complete redesign of the MacBook (Air). There is a new gold color option available for the MacBook, and it suits the device a bit better than the gold finish before, but the bigger and most significant update I really like is the new MacBook Air (2018). It’s smaller, thinner and has a retina display…finally. Of course, the new Air has USB-C / Thunderbolt 3 and a headphone jack is likely built in. The new butterfly keyboard (3. Gen) has its pros and cons, but I really like the keyboard and I write a lot on my mac. Therefore the whole upgrade of the MacBook Air is really lovely. It is a good entry MacBook who do not need that much power of a pro but what to have a good and fast macOS system on the go. Mainly the addressed customers are the students. However, the price of 1299 € is expensive. But personally, I recommend this MacBook Air to anyone who has no problem with dongle life and is wealthy enough to achieve the MacBook. As long you are not a pro user who what to use the MacBook for serious editing or developing.

Last but definitely not least is the new iPad Pro. Oh dear….what an upgrade what a device…I mean this thing is mental. I really like the integration of Face Id as well as the whole new design. The device look has something from the older generation iPhones but on the other hand it is a complete redesign. I was an iPad user but stopped it because my Mac is more powerful to do my daily task. But now I’m convinced that the iPad Pro is able to handle teh mainly tasks of my day as well and even faster than my mac. Especially the comparison of the other companies Laptops made that quite clear to me. Sure macOS and a MacBook Pro is something else than an iPad Pro, however, the gap between them closed up step by step. I guess the future is the iPad and the MacBookPro only for the tough pro users.
All in all the #AppleInBigApple-Event was a good event. I was quite excited before and relieved at the end that Apple announced so good pieces of tech.

Have and enjoyable start into the weekend


#AppleInBigApple – Apple Event

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