My 2018

Hey guys,

it’s me back with the last post in 2018…

This year was a pleasure however not the easiest at all.

I really appreciate for getting the opportunity to share my thoughts on this blog about Apple and tech in general.

Talking about tech it has been a great year with some awesome new devices in the Apple Portfolio. Starting with the new iPad in Spring, to the new MacBook Pro´s at the WWDC and finally the September Event with the iPhone Xs (Max) & iPhone Xr as well as the Apple Watch Series 4 and a couple of days after these big event the announcement of the new iPad Pros and the overall upgraded Mac Mini & MacBook Air.
Actually, pretty much of new techie stuff to purchase.

I’m completely satisfied with what Apple has announced and brought on the market. Obviously, they had to struggle with some difficulties, talking about thermal throttling and the recently announced bent gate of the new iPad Pro models. But being honest it’s just the tip of something really big.

I personally getting over those some issues. Moreover the mainly fixed all their difficulties.

I personally hope that my 2019 is going to be amazing, and yours too.

Have a good and healthy HAPPY NEW YEAR – a goof new Years Eve.


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