WWDC 2018 – Short Comment

On Monday the WWDC 2018 took place in the convention center of San Jose. The yearly keynote hold by Apple is known for the presentation of the companies newest OS Versions and its features. Therefore I want to give you a short overview of what has been released. At first, there was, you guessed it […]

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Apple News

Hey guys, Im back. Sorry for being less active on this blog, and I know there is actually no excuse, but I had to do so many other things, which were much more important than working on my blog. Sorry for that… However I want to summarize the news of the last few month. In […]

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Short News – Apple Event

The privately Apple event without no live stream is over, and because of no live show I want to get you guys informed about the new released products. Actually it’s only one kinda new product. The new iPad with Apple Pencil Support as well as a New start pricing of 279€ for students. Honestly the […]

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International Womens Day

Hey Ladies… Today is not only Thursday – it’s a special one…today is the International Women Day – a special day just to celebrate the existence of the better part of every single man. Guys being honest, if there hasn’t been a woman we wouldn´t be on earth – we wouldn´t be alive. For sure […]

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What’s up out there

Hey how are you doing. At the moment there is nothing specific I want to talk about, however I was shocked to see how long I haven’t blogged something. Speaking about my main topic APPLE there are barely important things to mention. Naturally I can talk on a daily basis about some rumors and when […]

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Intelligente Fotoalben anlegen

Da ich in der letzten Zeit sehr viel gereist bin, habe ich natürlich meine Eindrücke und Impressionen in tausenden von Fotos festgehalten. Diese richtig zu speichern, ist das eine, doch wenn man sie dann mal wieder ansehen möchte kann dies im Bezug auf deren Kronologität Probleme mit sich führen. Den, sofern man nicht nur Bilder […]

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