Apple September Event – Personal toughts

The Apple September Event hosted last Wednesday was a very big event for all the Fanboys and Techies out there. However, it was basically a Product Announcement of one of the biggest Technological Company worldwide an nothing more. Personally speaking, I was extremely excited, cause Apple is more than a Company for me. But being honest I guess I am definitely a so-called fanboy in a sense. Its OK. I mean why not.

Belonging to the heading I want to share some thoughts about the new release Products – more detailed about the iPhone Xs (Max), iPhone Xr and Apple Watch Series 4. Starting with the new flagships, the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, I’m not really into that products. I mean I didn’t expect something completely new or a big innovation, however, it was kinda boring to listen. The new generation iPhone is basically an iPhone X in a new color. Just comparing them and you will probably see the difference, it is not. If you use the iPhone as your daily driver for checking social media platforms, Mails and searching the web as well as doing the other 9 to 5 stuff who can complain about a slow iPhone X. I guess no one could do that. There is a new Chip, the A12 Bionic, but do you really need this for your everyday usage?
I asked myself these question and answered with NO of course not. So I would really recommend the iPhone X to everyone out there BUT there is one big problem…Apple discontinued the phone and it is not available anymore, except some last products in retail stores…
This fact is quite sad at all.
Talking about the new bigger sized iPhone Xs Max I’m more satisfied. I mean I love the 5.8 inch iPhone X display, but talking with my mother she would love a bigger one. Therefore it was a good decision to put an edge to edge display in the footprint of an iPhone Plus model like 8 Plus. You have the same form factor but with much smaller bezels. Awesome. The internal specs are not a big step further compared to the previous models, but the bigger screen is worth it.
My opinion about the iPhone Xr (the r stands for what ??) is mixed. I really like the various colors, especially the blue one, but Im not satisfied with the specs and display. Why LCD? OLED Display technology is the future, and Apple whats act like that future company but why the have LCD Displays in a phone costing 800€. Moreover, the Display does not support 3D-Touch, a technology integrated into the iPhone 6s? I don’t get it at all.
The camera is perfect, like always there is nothing bad about it but the price (Apple announced it as lower-priced entry iPhone) is nothing else than expensive but not entry level priced…I believe that the Xr is probably a non-seller – a bit like the 5c…

Coming to the product I was personally most excited about. The new Apple Watch Series 4. Apple didn´t redesign the whole watch and the display is still NOT circular…gladly enough…but the changed some important things. Making the display bigger and design the bezels like the iPhone X was a good decision. Moreover, the footprint is still the same, so all your expensive watch bands still fit. Working on the new HeartRate-Sensor with the new ECG functions was one step further of what an Apple Watch is supposed to be. Your daily driver always at your wrist with all the functions and monitoring features you like and need to get a healthy fit connected and informed lifestyle. I don’t know whether or not you should or shouldn´t upgrade to this watch, I personally do it just because I think that this device can make my life a bit smarter and supports me more likely to get and stay in shape.

To sum up, I like the new products, however, none of them is a big invention and new inspiration for me. I think that everything announced last year is still up to date and appropriate for whatever you are going to do.
The new Apple Watch and its new reinvented features are a good one and maybe nice to have, whenever not necessary

Did you preorder something yet? If so tell me what and why you made that decision?


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