MacBook Pros 2018 – Opinion and Buyers advice

Hey guys, today I want to share my first impressions on the new MacBook Pro generation and try to give a short buyers review of what to take into account.

The first thing to mention is that I do not own one of the new MacBooks yet. Moreover, I haven’t been testing them by heart. However, I try to share my first impressions on these machines based on their specs and new innovations. First and foremost, the new six-core processors i7 or i9 in the 15-inch models are literally a massive spec bump up. You now have two cores more to get your stuff done. These two core upgrade has happened in the 13-inch TouchBar versions as well. These machines now support a quad-core i5. Because of these new processors, the MacBooks of 2018 can do more prosses in a less amount of time. We all now that time is always something you definitely have a lack of. Therefore working with a faster Mac can improve your workflow. You have to consider, that macs are not the slowest of all. I’m now working with the 13inch from early 2015 and I can’t complain about any lacks. However, it is not as fast as I sometimes want to work on projects. Another upgrade for their 2018 models is the DDR4 RAM of a minimum of 16 GB in the 15 inch. RAM is the short-term memory of your PC. As soon as you work with pictures or films as well as coding something big, you need your RAM to let their different processes flow. DDR4 RAM is much faster in belonging to read and write your data. Therefore especially if you work on several things at the same time, you need more and faster RAM to do so fluently. Another good and important thing of this generation. Last but not least, the new SSD´s in the MacBook is reported to be extremely fast. Again the SSD´s of the 2017 MacBook Pros are fast of, however, there is a bump between the 17 and 18 models.

I’m personally really satisfied with what has been released, I’m personally interested in the new MacBook Pro 15 inch. Cause I’m actually working the whole time in multi-windows and 13 inches are good but a bit too small either.
Moreover my 13 inches early 2015 is not powerful enough to get my things done. When I bought it it was perfect for my everyday use, but now I need something more powerful. And that’s the point to mention talking about a buyers advice. I personally recommend both models by taking into account what I want to do with this machine. If you are a pro user, working multi-window on the go – maybe making films creating content or code the whole day the 15 inch is definitely your machine of choice. The fewer power users – like working with Office Products or searching the web – do not need a 15-inch model. It is too expensive and too powerful to spend so much money on that. The 13 inch is powerful to do all the things in life you need to do. The 15 inch does this but on a higher level because of your higher claim.

Let me know what you guys think and wheater or not you would buy one of these machines. Please share your personal experience as well, especially if you currently using a 2017/16 one.

Have a nice Saturday…CHEERS


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