WWDC 2018 – Short Comment

On Monday the WWDC 2018 took place in the convention center of San Jose. The yearly keynote hold by Apple is known for the presentation of the companies newest OS Versions and its features.

Therefore I want to give you a short overview of what has been released.

At first, there was, you guessed it iOS 12. Mainly the biggest new feature of iOS 12 is that you´ve now the ability to control your time spending with your iPhone, iPad or iPod. The reason behind is that nowadays the consumer of our mobile devices is far too heavy and kinda out of control. It is something you can do on your own but I guess it is quite useful to have control of your mobile life on the internet. Moreover, Apple announced some new Animoji´s as well as Memoji ( Creating your own Animoji which copies your look.) Some UI´s have changed in iOS 12 – more about that topic in a specific post later on.
iOS 12 is compatible with all your devices build 2013 or later…it means every device which supports iOS 11 will support iOS 12 as well.

The next OS is watchOS 5. The operating system of Apple Watch is going to have some quite useful features. Personally, I’m really excited about the automatic workout detection, cause I use to forget to active my watch while I’m working out. This detection detects if you probably working out and sends you a tap – so that you will never forget to hit the start button. Same for quitting the workout.
Another feature to mention is the WakeTalke App – which allows you to communicate with your friends above Apple Watch in a Walke-Talke Stile. I just press the button and speak whilst your friend on the other end is listening.
If you get a link inside a message or email etc. with the support of WebKit for watchOS 5 you can open them now out of your wrist and see the website information. I really like that feature. Apple Watch is getting much more independent from iPhone with watchOS 5.

Last but not least there is the most important OS to mention – I´m talking about macOS. The next generation of OS is macOS Mojave – named by the desert in Northern California. The feature I’m really excited about is Dark-Mode on macOS. It is actually “only” a darker UI but that the thing I really want to have on my mac. Mainly I’m working in a low light environment and for this High Sierra is still too bright.
Next to mention is the feature of organizing your Desktop automatically. If you are like me you probably have hundreds of files on your desktop. Its a mess isn’t it. Apple integrates a feature which can sort and order your files on your desktop. After these organization, you just find grouped files.
The MacAppStore got a new UI – familiar with the AppStore´s Design on iOS.

All in all, I’m really satisfied with the announcements. So excited to test it out in the near future. However, I wonder why there was no hardware announcement, like new Mac´s or iPad. Maybe later this year.

Whats your opinion about the WWDC´18 and the announcements Apple made in a stage. Do you like iOS12, watchOS5 and macOS Mojave? Leave a comment.

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