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Hey guys, Im back.

Sorry for being less active on this blog, and I know there is actually no excuse, but I had to do so many other things, which were much more important than working on my blog.

Sorry for that…

However I want to summarize the news of the last few month.

In less than a week, actually on monday the WWDC 2018 is finally there. If you live in Europe like I do you can watch the LiveStream on Apple US-Website on 7pm. Im so excited what there are going to release. I really hope some redesigned MacBook´s / iMac´s with some upgrated specs. Like DDR4 RAM in their MacBook, and a more “Edge to Edge” Display at their iMac´s. 

Moreover belonging to the WWDC, on Tuesday evening, Apple released iOS 11.4, watchOS 4.3.1 as well as an update for tvOS. Major upgrade is the integration of Airplay 2 which allows you to play music multiroom or finally connect two homepods together so that you get stereo sound – or you can play different genres on several rooms just by Siri where to play which music. To be honest, Im not welathy enough to have two homepods at home, actually nether one – because I live in Germany.

Belonging to that Im finally in the near future in charge. Apple announced the german HomePOD to be sold starting at the 16th of June. I dont know how fast its out of stock here but I hope to get one.


A completely other topic is the problem with Apple Mail. There is still an issue with the protocol of Apple Mail, which allows some so called Hacker to get into your Accout and read and write your mails. Be aware of that risk, especially if you use Apple Mail for business content. 

However I can´t give a proper solution nether outlook nor Thunderbird have fix this issue yet. Actually this protocol problem is a bigger one. So pay attention.


In the last few weeks, being more specific since the 24th of may, you probably got hundrets of mails, because of some privacy policy´s. This is because the DSGVO. I really hate that topic but the main reason behind is a good thing. As a short summary, its made to protect the users/customers data. Means that every company no matter how big or small, even if you are a professional photographer, you always need a agreement that you are allowed to deal with their personal data. Like adresses, date of birth or just a picture of yourself. In connection to apple, at these company obviously is a role model for that DSGVO, you can now “order” a dokument of all your collected data at apple. Just go to Apple and click the privacy banner. After typing in your Apple-ID you can choose what sort of data you want to request.


By far thats these are the most important things – which have happend during the last few weeks. 

Have a nice weekend



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