Short News – Apple iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus Product RED

Yesterday apple released a new colour version of its flagships. The Product RED iPhone 8 as well as its bigger brother the 8 Plus. 

The iPhone X hasn’t got these red colour yet, and trusting the leaks on the internet, it isn’t planned for the future. 

Regarding to the new red color version of the iPhone there are aren’t any other changing. Gladly, Apple chooses for the front cover a black one and not a white one as on the last years released iPhone 7 / Plus RED Models. Many of you and nearly the whole tech community was naming these colour option literally ugly. Some of them shared tutorials of how to change the front cove into a black one. Galdly enough, these tutorials aren’t necessary anymore. Apple has accepted their design mistake and took advatage of it I guess. 

Concluding, Im really into that new colour option, and if you haven’t been updated your iPhone Generation yet, you could defently put this into account. I guess that mainly the female are more into this colour option then the mans are – but actually every single colour is unisex. 

If you have any questions left, feel free to contact me and ask me out. 


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