Short News – Apple Event

The privately Apple event without no live stream is over, and because of no live show I want to get you guys informed about the new released products.

Actually it’s only one kinda new product.

The new iPad with Apple Pencil Support as well as a New start pricing of 279€ for students.

Honestly the new iPads most significant improvement is the pencil support. Till today the Apple Pencil was only support by the pros of iPad. Including the pencil into the cheaper version is a good step to reach everyone whose starting to work with iPad as well as specially the students. Cause honestly, students are obviously not the richest.

Another released thing is the school kid, which includes several apps to work with in school.

Moreover the iBooks Auditor is now integrated in Pages. Belonging to this the whole iWork Suite got some updates today

Available in the AppStore

Im definitely convinced that the new iPad and its integration is a good step of Apple…

Featured Image

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