International Womens Day

Hey Ladies…
Today is not only Thursday – it’s a special one…today is the International Women Day – a special day just to celebrate the existence of the better part of every single man.

Guys being honest, if there hasn’t been a woman we wouldn´t be on earth – we wouldn´t be alive.
For sure today it’s not mothers day but in a sense, without this special woman in everybody’s life, we wouldn’t be a proper human being.

Furthermore, it’s an honor to be together with a woman you love and which completes you in every single way. For sure there is always this kind of guy who is not interested in the other gender because he thinks he can be on its own…trust me if you would have your better female part you will understand what I’m talking about.

Ladies, the gentleman nowadays are not always as gentle as they supposed to be, but most of the time it’s not egoism or a self-centered habit – it’s mainly the lack of a strong girl/woman.

I’m glad to live together with both gender, that makes my life much more interesting and the continuous fight between the guys and the girls about all and everything is in a sense just a competition and never hating or fighting against each other.

However, the society is still in an imbalance. Since most of the woman doesn’t earn the same as the man who’s doing the same job, you notice this imbalance on a daily basis.
Another point is that there are supposed male and female jobs…but asking this to yourself…who says that a soldier has to be a male and a housekeeper is a female person. Nowadays you can be who you are and definitely work whatever you want to work as. Stereotypes are a part of your society…but if you – man or woman – don’t want to be usual – be just who you are.

Normally my content on this blog is just about Tech and Facts and not that much into feelings and emotions, but I decided to post this just to honor the woman. Cause Apple and Tech is not just the project and effort of man. It is, in the same way, the effort of every single female employee at Apple.

Far enough have a nice day @all the woman out there.
@all the guys – never forget the necessity of the women


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