Apple – Short News

Since the last software update, there is might be something new in your Car.

If you have a car, which supports Apple´s on Board entertainment system – well known as Apple CarPlay you´ve might recognize that there is a new button on your screen – WhatsApp

Apple finally allowed the integration of the social media/messenger platform into its car system.

Before a new App is integrated into CarPlay it has to be checked several times and checked whether it is proper enough to get integrated but still not too dangerous while driving.

The integration of WhatsApp in your Car is from its output and functionality comparable with your WhatsApp abilities on your Apple Watch.

You can reply via voice dictation and of course, read the notification on your screen.


To be honest I’m not that satisfied with this feature cause it deflects me from the traffic. I’m quite unsure if this feature is important in your Car.


Whats your opinion about that integration and do you have Apple CarPlay in your Car? Please comment.


Moreover, Apple has uploaded several new Videos on it´s YouTube channel about HomePod and Animoji Karaoke. If you haven’t enjoyed that content I really recommend this. Especially the animoji karaoke is side-splitting for me just because of how it´s made. I’m just imagining an employee holding an iPhone X and doing those faces to “Lip Sync” the songs. Literally amazing


If you haven’t seen it yet, the HomePod is out now and available in the US and UK. If you need some Inspiration I really recommend my blog post about that device

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