I wish you a Happy New Years Eve

Today is the 31.Dezember.2017 – the last day of the year. Because of this I wish you a pleasant Happy New Year 2018.

It has been an amazing year for me with ups and downs, but on average there were mainly ups than down. Im really satisfied with what has happened the last 365 days.

I’ve finished my amazing long term internship at ROBINSON where I’ve met friends for my whole life as well as getting an amazing experience of how life looks like.

The next to mention is obviously my trip to Malta. Since then I feel confident enough to turn my blog into an bilingual blog. I’ve learned English in school but the education hasn’t satisfied me that much that I’ve felt free to create blogposts in English.

The three intense month of leaning English brought me many steps further and built myself up to another level of confidence and satisfaction of what I want to reach in My life.

The most remarkable event in 2017 is the start of my new job as an apprentice for information technology and system integration in an amazing company in my hometown.

The job as well as my colleagues are friendly and they give me a feeling of being “at home” day by day. I made my hobby into a serious job.

All in all Im just totally satisfied with what has happened and I’m looking forward to everything happening in 2018.

There are some things I really want to do next year – fingers crossed I will – and so many things I’m just waiting to happen.

Feel free to share with my your plans for the coming New Year 2018…


Your AppleSupportService Author Lennart

Featured Image: https://goo.gl/images/eUhYWq


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