Today is the first Christmas Holiday day, the first day of Christmas is gone – and time is running – but my Christmas Eve was heartwarming and lovely.

It was amazing to be with my family

But Christmas is mostly not only eating lots of food and spending time with you relatives – moreover it’s a date of the year where you get some presents.

My Christmas present, which I bought myself because of my glorious 2017, is an iPhone X

I know I know…it’s mentally (x)pensive and maybe not your first choice.

But for me it was my biggest wish since Tim Cook has introduced this flagship early this year.

I was extremely excited the last few days, can’t wait for it…because of knowing what to expect.

And my first impression after some hours of using this model is easy to describe…

Such an amazing display – I’m loving it so much

It is not only because of the edge to edge shape…moreover it is the color and brightness…just how it displays text and pictures.

Furthermore I love the new camera it is much more shaper than I was used to have in my “old” 7 +…especially how fast it captures pictures.

A more detailed review will come soon, I think I need some time to be able to create a final comment / review.

Cheers and enjoy your first Christmas holiday


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