– Merry Christmas to all of you –

Today the 23th Dezember 2017, the day before christmas eve, I want to use the opportunity to wish:

a pleasant, wonderfull, magical, heartwarming christmas eve

to all of you out there.

Hopefully you´ve got the opportunity to share these heartwarming hours of the year with your closest friends family and all your relatives you might haven´t seen since last christmas eve.

In my opinion christmas is the most emotional time of the year not only because of the evening moreover its the end of the year. Therefore I try to reflect was has happend in the last twelve month as well as what is going to happend in the next twelve.

Personally I´m totally satisfied with this year 2017. Ive reached more than I could barly imagine and moreover Ive brought myself to another level of confidence and my habits and abilities as well as experiences have been grown mentally big. Thats what I appreciate the most.

Hopefully you could say the same about your 2017 – that all your wishes and resolves to do sth bacame reality and true.

This christmas is special for me because its the first christmas eve since two years where I celebrate it at home. The last years I was abroad, which was awesome, but celebrating at home, together with you family and friends is awesome aswell.

For this reason im really looking forward to let the christmas eve become literally awesome.

Tell me your christmas eve story, how or if you celebrate it and if so whose with you. 

Im looking forward…

See you inbetween christmas eve and new years eve, im going to blog a short comment.

All the best regards and thanks for everything, Im so thankful….


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