watchOS 4 – First look and comment on the new included features

Since Thurday evening 7pm in my timezone the watchOS 4 Update was displayed as available in my Watch-App…

I immediately installed it on my wrist computer, so that I’m gonna tell you now about all the major important new released features.

The first positive development I want to mention is the new Siri Watchface which offers you a daily overview about all your necessary information like Calender entries and the weather as well as notifications like breathing. 

The second, personally most important release, is the updated UI of the Workout Application which is more motional – the Workout-Symbol moves. Moreover your trainigresults are Display more detailed with more meaturement points and stats, so that you get lots of useful and interesting data about your shape. This fact underlines on more time the standpoint of the Apple Watch as a fitness tracker gadget. 

The third point I really want to mention is the performance and stability of the system. 

The OS is running on my Series 2 more fluent than the previous does and that’s a big step forward. 

In general I’m completely satisfied with the new Update and I absolutely recommend it to all of you. 

To update on watchOS4 please make sure that on your iPhone the OS is iOS11. Of not you first have to update it…after that a successful update is no problem 
Sunny greetings out of Germany…hopefully it is as sunny but not as chilly as here ✌🏼


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