Apple September Event – What to expect ?

Just a few days to go and then finally its time for the most hyped and rumored event in every single Apple Year. The worldwide famous Apple September Event. At Tuesday, 12 September 7 pm Pacific Time located in the new Apple Steve Jobs Theather part of the nearly finish Apple Campus 2 – or shall I say the UFO. At this place, a new Generation of iPhone will be born. But this year is a special year. Not only because of the new environment for everyone who has the opportunity to take part at this years September Event – Moreover Apple and in detail the iPhone celebrates her 10th Anniversary. Ten years ago it was Steve Jobs who introduced a new unknown product no one nowadays wants to live without. He introduced the decade of the smartphone – especially the development of the iPhone. Comparing the first iPhone with the rumored iPhone eight expected on Tuesday it is a big step and not only one more thing.

I don’t want to name all the rumored specs – I don’t want to comment on all the pros and cons and what to expect.

Honestly the only thing I expect is an enjoyable event with a new iPhone everybody is nearly satisfied with and hopefully, there are some other Apple Products and a special One More Thing nobody knows about.

If you have any questions left, please let me know.

See you on Tuesday. Have a pleasant and refueling weekend…

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